Harrisburg Symphony’s Matthew Herren: from cello to executive director

Posted on: August 26, 2020

“Matthew Herren’s professional musical journey … started with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra. Now, he has returned,” writes Mike Andrelczyk in Sunday’s (8/23) Lancasteronline (Lancaster, PA). “Herren, 49, went from occupying a chair on stage as a cellist with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra in the ‘90s to leading the orchestra when he accepted the executive director position … earlier this year…. As the executive director, Herren says he is basically in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly … even helping with creating the musical programs…. Growing up in Lancaster, Herren was immersed in music from a young age. He began taking cello lessons in sixth grade and … participated in the Lancaster Youth Orchestra…. Taking on the leadership role of an orchestra is a demanding job in the best of times, but Herren has taken the helm in perhaps the most challenging moment that the modern live entertainment industry has ever faced…. ‘We’re going to look at what options we have that will keep people safe but still bring music to them virtually,’ he says. ‘I’m confident that we’ll get through this but it may take longer than we want, but we haven’t forgotten our patrons and I hope that they haven’t forgotten us.’ ”