In Southwest Florida, orchestras and opera troupes make plans while coping with uncertainty

Posted on: August 27, 2020

“Plexiglas screens and orchestras trimmed to chamber size have been [under consideration] for Andrew Kurtz’s upcoming season with the Gulf Coast Symphony,” writes Harriet Howard Heithaus in Monday’s (8/24) Naples Daily News (Florida). “Local orchestras and operas are dealing with daily uncertainty about their upcoming seasons as the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions continue…. ‘Our musicians need to feel safe. Our patrons need to feel safe,’ said Amy Ginsburg, executive director of the Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra. ‘And it’s not even a matter of waiting for science to catch up to this. It’s a matter of people having faith in science to take care of us.’ This has been a summer of planning multiple alternatives. Under pandemic travel restrictions, for instance, the Naples Philharmonic can’t even get music director Andrey Boreyko back from Europe. Still, the imperative to make, and hear, live music, is as strong as ever. Here’s what Southwest Florida can—kind of, sort of—count on for the coming season.” The article reports on the status of plans for the coming season at the Naples Philharmonic, Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra, Gulf Coast Symphony, Opera Naples, and Gulfshore Opera.