Conductor Scott Yoo’s “Now Hear This” classical-music TV series heads into second season

Posted on: September 14, 2020

“The bad news is that the entire classical music world (well, the American part, anyway) is canceled due to technical difficulties,” writes Michael Andor Brodeur in Thursday’s (9/10) Washington Post. “The good news is that the entire classical music world is also technically at our fingertips…. The PBS docuseries ‘Now Hear This’ … premieres its second season Sept. 18…. Written, directed and produced by filmmaker Harry Lynch and hosted by Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra principal director Scott Yoo, ‘Now Hear This’ … manages to turn its exploration of a single subject into a hybrid of travelogue, mystery, history, cultural study, documentary and performance…. In its first season, [Yoo] visits Venice and Bergamo, Italy, for Vivaldi; Berlin and Leipzig, Germany, for Bach; Madrid and Tangier, Morocco, for Scarlatti; then doubles back to Italy for Handel…. This second season will [cover] Haydn, Schubert, Mozart and Beethoven. A third season will focus exclusively on American composers…. Both Yoo and Lynch point to what contemporary cooking shows have done for the restaurant industry, just by giving viewers a peek into the kitchen…. ‘There’s a reason why Beethoven’s Ninth has survived 200 years,’ says Yoo. ‘It’s because the message of brotherhood is more important today than ever.’ ”