San Francisco Symphony’s newly hired French Horn, a Ph.D. COVID-19 researcher

Posted on: September 16, 2020

“In the news biz, it’s called ‘burying the lede’ when the most interesting or important aspect of a story is in the middle instead of at the top,” writes Janos Gereben in Monday’s (9/14) San Francisco Classical Voice. “That thought occurred to me when reading the SF Symphony announcement last week: ‘Mark Almond joins the San Francisco Symphony as associate principal horn. He joined the San Francisco Opera Orchestra as Co-Principal Horn in 2016 and before that held the position of Third Horn with the Philharmonia Orchestra of London.’ But then read this: ‘In addition to playing the horn, Almond is an experienced hospital physician and has a Ph.D. in immunology and virology from Imperial College, London. He is currently researching COVID-19 as a post-doctoral research scholar at UCSF.’ Wow! … Almond auditioned for SF Symphony this February, just before the lockdown in San Francisco…. He … approached UCSF … and started working on COVID-19 research in the Rosenberg Lab … in July. ‘I’m really looking forward to working with the Symphony when the pandemic allows,’ Almond says, ‘but in the meantime it’s great to be working in a fabulous lab doing cutting-edge Covid research.’ ”