Roger Kalia and Symphony NH, gathering outdoors and virtually, with small ensembles

Posted on: September 30, 2020

“As music director of the Granite State’s 97-year-old Symphony NH, the Indian American Roger Kalia was also recently named music director of Indiana’s 87-year-old Evansville Philharmonic,” writes George Pelletier in Saturday’s (9/26) Nashua Telegraph (NH). At Symphony NH, “This season also introduces a new online series entitled, ‘Granite State Conversations with Roger Kalia,’ featuring bi-monthly episodes showcasing Kalia as he discusses topics such as upcoming orchestra concerts and the cultural landscape across New Hampshire…. ‘We’re featuring small ensembles this season,’ Kalia said. ‘For instance, next Friday at Greeley Park will feature our brass and percussion sections. And then in November, it’s a small string orchestra..… We had to completely reimagine everything…. And what we did was to focus on virtual content…. We did a virtual trivia night with Symphony NH. My wife and I did a mixology video as well.’ … This is the third re-imagination Symphony NH’s concert season. Kalia hopes that this is the final one, but said he ‘wouldn’t be surprised if I still have to reimagine the rest of the season in different contexts.’ … As conductor, Kalia’s ultimate goal is … ‘to ensure there is an emotional connection rather to just entertain.’ ”