ROCO’s classical-music instruction/childcare program goes virtual

Posted on: October 7, 2020

“ROCOrooters is more than just a novel approach to childcare. It’s a kid-facing classical-music program that doesn’t talk down to youngsters, hoping instead to nurture them into lifelong fans,” writes Chris Gray in Friday’s (10/2) Houston Chronicle (TX). “Instead of hiring a babysitter, patrons at ROCO’s [formerly River Oaks Chamber Orchestra] concerts … drop their kids off with Keisha Twitchell, who took over the program in 2016. Eventually, they will be escorted into the concert space to watch one or two of the pieces on the evening’s program…. Twitchell might teach the kids some rudimentary music theory, help them with a dance or art project, or … highlight a few examples from the pieces they’re about to hear…. Now that ROCO will be doing their entire upcoming season virtually, Twitchell has been preparing to create a series of videos that outline similar concepts as her in-person lessons. They will be posted on Saturday mornings following selected performances in ROCO’s In Concert and Unchambered series…. Something else Twitchell hopes to get across in her videos is the idea that anyone can be a musician, whether or not they can afford expensive lessons.”