Nashville Symphony’s Titus Underwood on classical music, hip-hop, video games, and more

Posted on: October 8, 2020

Titus Underwood, principal oboist of the Nashville Symphony, is featured in a video posted on Wednesday (10/7) as part of Musical America’s “Unscripted” series of videos spotlighting figures in the performing arts. “Unscripted believes it has a good handle on Titus Underwood’s perfect day: first, a jam session with hip hop group The Roots laying down an oboe/hip-hop mashup, followed by a quick London trip (complete with a handheld subtitle generator for understanding English English), a fast flight around the galaxy in Kal-El’s borrowed tights and cape, and finally a few hours immersed as Ryu throwing dragon punches in the video game Street Fighter II. Oh, and somewhere in the midst of it all he would be heard applying his subtle and lyrical touch as principal oboist with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.”