Krishna Thiagarajan on how Seattle Symphony is working to reach audiences during pandemic

Posted on: November 4, 2020

“Krishna Thiagarajan, president and CEO of the Seattle Symphony, has found a way to keep the lights on [with] a series of weekly live-streamed concerts,” writes Stephanie Ann Boyd in Thursday’s (10/29) “The concerts won’t be as long as usual … and because of travel restrictions, you won’t see Music Director Thomas Dausgaard for the first several concerts. Hopes are high, however, that … the Seattle Symphony will be able to share its in-real-time artistry with a much wider circle of people. Thiagarajan: We’d been interested in venturing into the digital realm for some time already [before] the COVID-19 crisis…. Our team effectively had to turn Benaroya Hall into a production studio with hospital-grade air filtration…. We are programming new music with great performers and composers, and we do it because our hearts and our minds demand us to do what is right…. Composers who happened to be persons of color have been creating wonderful music for hundreds of years, but our industry has not been doing enough to perform their works…. Hearing our orchestra perform [William Grant Still’s] Mother and Child was my moment of deepest gratitude … that we as a society can be better even in times of crisis.”