Minnesota’s Metropolitan Symphony creates videos about Mahler and Argento

Posted on: November 20, 2020

“When COVID called a halt to their fall 2020 concerts, the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra found another way to connect with their audiences,” writes Pamela Espeland in Thursday’s (11/19) Minn Post (Minneapolis). “On Oct. 11 … they released ‘The Mahler Project,’ a self-produced, hour-long video about Mahler’s life, with selections from the symphony and interviews with experts. On Sunday, Nov. 22 … the MSO will release a new video, ‘A Few Words About Argento.’ … The MSO and Dominick Argento, a Pulitzer Prize- and Grammy-winning composer who died in February 2019, had a special relationship. The orchestra’s music director, William Schrickel, loves Argento’s music and has programmed it often. Argento enjoyed hearing the MSO play his music. He lived in Minneapolis, and whenever the MSO played one of his pieces, he attended a rehearsal or two and came for the concert. It must have been a bit like having his own personal orchestra…. Now in its 39th year, the MSO is a community orchestra that performs for free throughout the [Twin Cities] metro area. All of its musicians are volunteers…. Along with … stories from Schrickel,” “A Few Words About Argento” includes interviews with Metropolitan Symphony musicians and others.