Cellist performs in Paris’ locked-down museums as musical “care for the soul”

Posted on: December 3, 2020

“It’s an ideal pairing for the COVID-19 era: a musician who cannot play for a live audience and sumptuous museums that cannot welcome visitors,” writes Lucien Libert in last Friday’s (11/27) Reuters. “Cellist Camille Thomas has put them together to create what she hopes will be a balm for troubled times. She is carrying out a series of solo performances of classic works set against a backdrop of deserted museum interiors in and around Paris. They are filmed and posted on the Internet. During the pandemic, she has performed at the Palace of Versailles, the Institute of the Arab World and is scheduled next week to perform at the Grand Palais, a vast exhibition space next to the Champs Elysees. All the venues are shut because of France’s COVID-19 lockdown…. ‘Of course people need medical care in this pandemic time but they also need care for the soul,” said Thomas, 32, who has a recording contract with a classical music label. ‘I believe that art and music is healing and it’s essential to … feel that, after this difficult time, all this beauty is waiting, it’s still there and it’s worth fighting for it.’ ”