In L.A., the Colburn School accelerates tech updates for remote teaching and performances

Posted on: December 3, 2020

“Zoom works well enough for staff meetings, but to communicate what music teachers and students need to hear from each other, it needs to be modified, supplemented with high-quality, well-placed microphones, and accessed over a strong internet connection,” writes Tom Jacobs in Tuesday’s (12/1) San Francisco Classical Voice. “With these limitations in mind … the Colburn School has embarked on an ambitious effort [which] has simultaneously proceeded on two tracks: Figuring out the best way to teach online, and electronically connecting the school’s performance halls and rehearsal spaces…. Harp instructor JoAnn Tarkovsky and her students turned to Audiomovers, a software plug-in discovered by Nate Zeisler, dean of the Center for Innovation and Community Impact…. Players simultaneously [stream] Zoom’s video and Audiomovers’ audio…. The school’s [concert halls] were equipped with the hardware needed for livestreaming in 2018…. Soon after the shutdown, Sel Kardan, Colburn’s president and CEO, said … decided the best and simplest idea was connecting more rooms … so that … a teacher could be in one room and their student in another…. ‘It’s a little bit like walking into a commercial recording studio where each musician is isolated…. But they still play together in real time.’ ”