Atlanta Symphony Principal Cello Rainer Eudeikis on how the orchestra is adapting: moving online, adjusting repertoire, looking ahead

Posted on: December 15, 2020

In an interview on Saturday’s (12/12) National Public Radio, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Principal Cello Rainer Eudeikis speaks about how the orchestra has adapted to the pandemic by performing music virtually. “Eudeikis: We’re performing concerts, but in a very different arrangement…. Normally, a full-sized orchestra performance would involve anywhere from 80 to a hundred players onstage…. We’ve had to adapt the repertoire. We’re playing pieces that just don’t require as many players … And even though it’s been tough, I do have a lot of optimism for when things return to normal and people realize how hungry they’ve been for the music that we make. And we at the symphony are definitely going to come out stronger from this from a performance perspective…. Even though we aren’t able to reach our local audience, our live audience, in necessarily the same way, we are still able to reach them virtually. And also, there are people who would normally not be able to come to an Atlanta Symphony concert … who can … watch us from anywhere in the world. I think that’s an important aspect to what the organization is doing that will continue even after things supposedly go back to normal.”