At Boston’s Hatch Shell, a multisensory installation featuring music and video—mostly by women

Posted on: January 27, 2021

“The first time Maria Finkelmeier saw the Hatch Memorial Shell on the Charles River Esplanade, she was a kid in Cincinnati watching Boston Pops concerts … on TV,” writes Grace Griffin in Saturday’s (1/23) Boston Globe. “After moving to Boston … she got to enjoy many in-person experiences with the site [including] as a professional percussionist…. With a new multi-sensory art installation, she said, ‘we’re pivoting to say, “Let’s make this a platform for contemporary music.” ’ Commissioned by the Esplanade Association for the park’s anniversary, Finkelmeier’s ‘Hatched: Breaking Through the Silence’ will play nightly through Feb. 21 from 5 to 9 p.m. The work features original music and light illuminations created by Finkelmeier and her team of collaborators…. ‘There’s 88 names etched into the Hatch Shell and 87 of them are men,’ she said…. (The lone woman’s name on the Shell belongs to [composer] Amy Beach…) For the ‘Hatched’ commission, Finkelmeier chose to work with a team of mostly women-identifying artists….. Finkelmeier and her team recorded aerial videos of hands playing percussion instruments and drumming…. These videos will be cast onto the Hatch Shell using projection-mapping software…. Complementing that will be brightly-colored light displays and a 15-minute musical composition.”