Dallas Symphony premieres Negrón’s “En otra noche, en otro mundo”

Posted on: February 11, 2021

“Halfway through a FaceTime call, composer Angélica Negrón points out the birds chirping around her outside an Airbnb in her native Puerto Rico,” writes Tim Diovanni in Sunday’s (2/7) Dallas Morning News. “ ‘I’m always trying to reconnect with the sounds, textures, colors and people I miss the most,’ says Negrón, who’s lived in New York since 2006…. Negrón’s output evinces an underlying sense of longing. This emotion fuels her latest orchestral piece, En otra noche, en otro mundo (On Another Night, In Another World), commissioned by the Dallas and National symphony orchestras. Currently the DSO’s composer-in-residence, Negrón is part of the orchestra’s multi-year commitment to performing music by living women composers. Music director Fabio Luisi on Thursday conducted the world premiere of the work, [which] takes inspiration from Alejandra Pizarnik’s short, eponymous poem…. In En otra noche, en otro mundo, ‘Crotales, percussion bell sounds and harp are at the heart of the piece,’ says Negrón, who collects bells and likes using them in her music. Although Negrón chose the piece’s title in 2019, it’s taken on new meaning during the pandemic. A year ago, it certainly seems like we were living in another world.”