San Francisco Conservatory releases report about music education and child development

Posted on: February 18, 2021

“On January 15, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music announced what a press release described as ‘the publication of a groundbreaking white paper on the extraordinary impact of music education on child development,’ writes Jeff Kaliss in Monday’s (2/15) San Francisco Classical Voice. “Titled ‘Music for Every Child,’ the white paper was written by polymath Indre Viskontas, a neuroscientist who’s also a soprano…. A couple of weeks later, soprano Renée Fleming helmed the online launch of the Sound Health Network, a multidisciplinary program promoting research and public awareness about music’s good agency in health and wellness…. ‘It’s one of the best laid-out cases I’ve even seen for music education,’… says Fleming…. Viskontas has been named ‘communications core co-investigator’ for Fleming’s organization. She’s also tenure-track faculty at the University of San Francisco…. The inception of the white paper, funded by a grant from the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, involved meetings and symposia … Lisa Delan, director of the Foundation, … said, ‘We all agreed that education is one of the single most important factors not only in the quality of life, but in the survival of our classical art form.’ ” Read the report here.