Hollywood Bowl set to reopen with free concerts for essential workers, then summer season of 45 to 60 concerts

Posted on: April 13, 2021

“Dust off the seat cushion and grab your picnic basket. The Hollywood Bowl is coming back — and sooner than you might expect,” writes Jessica Gelt in Friday’s (4/9) Los Angeles Times. “After COVID-19 forced the storied venue to scrap the 2020 season … the Los Angeles Philharmonic [announced] Friday that the Bowl will reopen May 15 with a free concert for healthcare workers, first responders and other essential workers, including grocery store staff, custodians and delivery drivers.… The 2021 season, which officially will kick off in early July, consists of 14 weeks of concerts, possibly attended by full capacity crowds given the state’s plan to reopen businesses and venues fully by June 15 … ‘if we meet the state’s criteria for a full reopening,’ … L.A. Phil President and Chief Executive Chad Smith said…. Four free concerts for essential workers … before June 15 … likely will be governed by the tiered, color-coded capacity rules that California has used since last summer…. The Bowl said it will release detailed programming and ticket information May 11. The organization is still ramping up to tackle the complexities of reopening, but Smith said the L.A. Phil is planning 45 to 60 concerts.”