Opinion: Recovery after COVID should include nurturing arts journalism—and reviews

Posted on: April 15, 2021

“When everything shut down a year ago, orchestras found their entire seasons canceled, soloists lost their engagements, and musicians lost their work. Predictably enough, written reviews of classical events evaporated almost entirely,” writes Laurie Niles in Tuesday’s (4/13) Violinist.com. “So I found it heartening when, on Monday, I read … a review by John von Rhein [in Chicago Classical Review] of violinists Paul Huang and Danbi Um’s North Shore Chamber Music Festival recital Saturday with pianist Amy Yang…. Saturday’s concert allowed just 25 seats for in-person viewing, and one of those precious seats went to von Rhein…. Our art does not exist in any real way, unless people pay attention to it…. We all know about the existence of bad classical music coverage and bad-faith, downright ignorant music criticism…. What could be worse than that? Well, silence is worse. If we are wise, we will recognize that the conversations around our classical music events are as important as the events themselves, when it comes to building an enthusiastic community for classical music…. As we rebuild from this pandemic time, we need to support existing arts journalists and also to train a new generation in this art.”