New England Conservatory students bring musical storytelling to schoolchildren via videos

Posted on: April 19, 2021

“A new generation is combining storytelling and music as a way of introducing young children to orchestral instruments” online, writes Doug Meehan in Friday’s (4/16) WCVB TV (Boston). “Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang, a student at the New England Conservatory, is using the harp to help children hear how animals come together to create a musical soup. ‘Depending on the type of food, I choose different sounds,’ Yeoh-Wang said. ‘For things that were lighter, like salt or parsley, I had a lighter sound.’ These unique music lessons are part of the New England Conservatory’s free virtual April School Vacation Week Musical Storytelling concerts on YouTube [April 19 to 23]. The concerts feature a mix of ‘meet the instrument’ and musical storytelling sessions geared towards young children and families. Morgan Pope and her magical bassoon are helping tell the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ … ‘The youngest children … can hear this new instrument making all kinds of sounds that go with the story they probably already know,’ Pope said. Each video showcases the unique creative work of one of the Storytelling Fellows—all, like Pope and Yeoh-Wang, spending their own school year training as a virtual teaching artist in preschools and early elementary classrooms.”