The magic flute: instrument left in a Boston cab in 2012 is returned to its owner

Posted on: April 23, 2021

“When Heidi Bean got into the cab in Boston that fateful night in 2012, she had just finished an eight-hour gig rotating between piano, guitar, bass and drums at the music club Howl at the Moon,” writes Azi Paybarah in Thursday’s (4/23) New York Times. “At her feet inside the cab, in a hardshell case, was [her] Brannen Brothers Flutemakers silver Millennium, a $10,000 instrument…. When the taxi got to her apartment, she stepped out. The cab pulled away. The flute was still inside…. She could not afford to replace her flute, which she had not insured…. Last month, Ms. Slyker [Bean’s married name] woke up to see a message on her phone from Brannen Brothers [which] had been contacted by a music store in Boston, where a man had recently … asked to have a silver flute appraised. The serial number on the flute matched the one Ms. Slyker had lost nine years earlier. ‘I almost passed out,’ she said…. Ms. Slyker spent five years saving up to purchase a new flute: a $13,000 Aurumite 9K made by Powell Flutes…. With her new flute, and now her lost flute found again, she said, ‘I can’t wait to play them back to back.’ ”