Gradually, New York’s performing artists get back to work

Posted on: April 28, 2021

“There is an economic toll to putting the performing arts on mute … especially in New York, … where Broadway alone sells more tickets than all the city’s pro sports teams combined,” reports Jon Wertheim in Sunday’s (4/25) CBS News. “For more than a year now, there’s been no business in show-business…. New York has loosened some restrictions on live performance. Audiences of up to 150 people can now gather indoors. And cultural institutions are trying to figure out how to make this work. We were there when the New York Philharmonic was reunited for the first time in a year with its conductor Jaap van Zweden. A smaller orchestra, socially distanced and masked, rehearsed for a virtual concert…. ‘We are extremely happy that we can be back on stage,’ says van Zweden.… [Countertenor] Anthony Roth Costanzo has used this quiet period to make an album … with cabaret singer Justin Vivian Bond.” Costanzo also performed with New York Philharmonic musicians in the NYPhil Bandwagon concerts. “Let’s reinvent the concert-going ritual,” says Costanzo. “Let’s put it on a pickup truck and take it places, go out of the concert hall, out of the opera house, and create new experiences.”