New York Philharmonic to perform neighborhood Bandwagon 2 concerts—atop 20-foot shipping container

Posted on: May 3, 2021

New York Philharmonic musicians in the 2020 iteration of the orchestra’s Bandwagon series.

“Late last summer, the august New York Philharmonic … rented a Ford F-250 pickup truck …and drove around the city … for short, impromptu chamber events,” writes Zachary Woolfe in Friday’s (4/30) New York Times. “The Philharmonic announced on Friday that it would be bringing the NY Phil Bandwagon concept back…. Bandwagon 2 will trade in the pickup truck for a 20-foot shipping container atop a semi truck, which will visit four parks around New York City for weekend-long residencies through May…. Offerings will [include] varied, genre-crossing collaborations with six community arts organizations…. In Domino Park in Brooklyn, the composer and singer Juana Luna and the dancer Elisa Toro Franky … will develop song-and-dance pieces with a quartet of Philharmonic string players as an element.… Angélica Negrón’s ‘Sembrar,’ to be performed at Father Gigante Plaza in the Bronx, will feature its composer on electronics along with string players from the Philharmonic and the Bronx Arts Ensemble…. The soprano Laquita Mitchell will perform with the Harlem Chamber Players at Marcus Garvey Park in Manhattan and with a Philharmonic string quartet at St. Albans Park in Queens. New works by participants in the orchestra’s Very Young Composers Program will be featured each week.”