Eastman issues statement, offers apology after student musician posts video of racial profiling by guards

Posted on: May 19, 2021

“Jahshanti Henry is a student at the Eastman School of Music. He says his passion is playing the flute, his dream—to play one day in an orchestra,” reports Christian Garzone in Friday’s (5/14) WROC-TV (Rochester, NY). “Earlier this week Henry posted a video on his Instagram that went viral. Henry, who is Black, was asked by security guards for his identification while he was sitting down. They said someone reported him as ‘looking suspicious.’ Henry says that day, he lost his keys and was having a bad day. He said he was … near the school cafe when he was approached by public safety officers. ‘No, I go to this school, bro. I go to this school,’ he says to the guards in the Instagram video. ‘I was going to give them my ID, but then I thought to myself, I didn’t do anything suspicious,’ he says, adding he was just walking and sitting down…. He says being racially profiled has happened to him twice before at the school.… The security supervisor eventually showed up, and told the guards Henry is a student—it ended [with the] school apologizing and putting out a statement.” The article includes Eastman’s statement.