A new-music festival in the Twin Cities, with works by Bethany Younge, Kazuo Takasugi, Anthony Green—plus films

Posted on: July 8, 2021

“What if you were hosting a music festival and a film festival broke out?” writes Rob Hubbard in Monday’s (7/5) Star Tribune (Minneapolis). “That’s sort of what happened to the 2021 incarnation of the Twin Cities New Music Festival … produced since 2018 by a consortium of composers known as the 113 Collective…. The festival opens Thursday and continues through Saturday [in] downtown St. Paul. Park Square Theatre’s Andy Boss Thrust Stage will feature concerts of contemporary music from a plethora of adventurous musicians…. Meanwhile, Studio Z in the Lowertown neighborhood will be home to three evenings full of film built around recent compositions…. One composer being spotlighted is New York-based Bethany Younge…. Her music [will provide] the soundtrack to films inspired by her pieces…. Steven Kazuo Takasugi … will have several works performed at the festival [including] two Saturday night concerts … at Park Square, one featuring a chamber orchestra, the other an octet…. ‘Anthony Green’s new piece, “Connections,” is a poignant commentary on disconnection and reconnection and will feature his live narrations via Instagram Live,’ [said Co-Artistic Director Tiffany Skidmore]…. There’s a visual art component, as well, with Benjamin JM Klein’s sound art installation, ‘Dementia NOS.’ ”