“Music for Self-Isolation” recording, with accordionist Joseph Petric, Toronto Symphony musicians, and others

Posted on: August 2, 2021

“Like the comic Rodney Dangerfield, the accordion ‘don’t get no respect’ in some classical music circles,” writes William Littler in Saturday’s (7/31) Toronto Star (Canada). “Not that the accordion is completely without friends, among them the Canadian composer Frank Horvat, who has featured the instrument along with a couple of dozen others in an extraordinary new compact disc album on the Centrediscs label titled ‘Music for Self-Isolation.’ … As Horvat explains in his album notes: … ‘During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic … I composed 31 short pieces of music for unaccompanied solo instrument or voice or a duo of musicians self-isolating together.’ The compositions are indeed very short … solos for the predictable piano, violin and guitar but also for the less predictable double bass, tuba and trombone…. On this album, the trombone is played … by [Associate Principal Trombone] Vanessa Fralick of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra…. [The] accordionist … is … one of Canada’s most prominent champions of the instrument, Joseph Petric, who has turned his COVID-19 self-isolation into a productive year and a half, commissioning a dozen and a half new works and working on three new compact discs, as well as preparing a set of essays.”