Memorized music, no conductor, choreographed movement: Maryland-based violinist launches a “moving” orchestra

Posted on: August 3, 2021

“After playing the violin in two moving orchestra performances as a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, Columbia resident Melanie Kuperstein decided to form a moving orchestra ensemble of her own,” writes Allana Haynes in Friday’s (7/30) Baltimore Sun. “Having performed in traditional orchestras like the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, Maryland Symphony and the Mid-Atlantic Symphony, Kuperstein, 30, wanted to create [a] moving orchestra that requires musicians to memorize the music and play while performing choreographed movement. Gathering a group of 10 musicians … Kuperstein founded the Movement in Music Ensemble, which will be performing its debut concert at … Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods in Columbia on Saturday. First performing the style in college, Kuperstein said she wanted to find a way to continue it as a professional…. In the orchestra, musicians create movement by bowing, crouching down and walking in various patterns. Musicians who play larger instruments, like the cello, wear straps to help them more easily maneuver … Kristin Bakkegard, 31, who plays the violin in the ensemble … is the associate principal second violin of the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra and performs with several other orchestras in the region…. She said … ‘It’s really fun.’ ”