In print: English translation of Franz Welser-Möst’s “From Silence”

Posted on: August 17, 2021

“After reading the newly released and highly readable English translation of [Franz Welser-Möst’s] book, ‘From Silence,’ I have a whole new appreciation for his way of making music,” writes Zachary Lewis in Sunday’s (8/15) Plain Dealer (Cleveland). “That’s not to say I know him. Not completely…. ‘From Silence’ is less a memoir … than a credo, a grand statement of the conductor’s artistic philosophy…. He’s most frank [describing] the devastating car accident that left [him] severely injured and ultimately turned him from a violinist into a conductor.… About his ongoing tenure in Cleveland, Welser-Möst [writes] with pride about the group’s explorations of opera and … its efforts to see that every child in Northeast Ohio has at least one meaningful brush with great music.… He also invites readers … to understand his intellectual approach … to the Cleveland Orchestra’s recent ‘Prometheus Project,’ which took an uncommonly broad look at the music of Beethoven…. He has made opera a priority in Cleveland. In his view … opera is the backbone of music, a form every musician must study…. The glory of ‘From Silence’ [is] the message that for true devotees of any art … learning never stops.”