From the League: Update on Afghanistan National Institute of Music

Posted on: August 26, 2021

Photo credit: World Economic Forum

On Aug. 25, the League of American Orchestras issued a statement from President and CEO Simon Woods concerning the Afghanistan National Institute of Music:

The world is sadly aware of the events in Afghanistan and of the danger faced by women, girls, journalists, and all those who helped the Americans during the war. Less visible is the danger faced in Afghanistan by musicians of all ages, and the Taliban’s history of denying the human right of access to music and music-making.

A number of stories have started to appear in the media outlining the terrible dangers faced by Afghan musicians. These articles have focused on the closing of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, an organization with which the League of American Orchestras has a relationship, and whose musicians have inspired global audiences.

A natural response is “How can we help?” The League has asked that question of itself, too, and is actively engaged with music organizations worldwide working to support music rights for the people of Afghanistan.

In the short term, there are three main ways that individuals and organizations can help:

1. Learn more about the young musicians of Afghanistan by visiting

2. Help spread the word through your communications channels of the plight of Afghan musicians by reposting news articles. Please tag with #StandWithANIM; #MusicIsAHumanRight; #SupportANIM; #FriendsofANIM; #AfghanWomen; #AfghanMusic.

3. Donate to the official U.S.-based nonprofit supporting the Afghanistan National Institute of Music here, and ask others to do the same. All donations go to securing the safety of the school and student body.

Thank you for whatever support you can provide. We hope to have further news shortly on ways you can help.

Simon Woods
President and CEO
League of American Orchestras