New proposal for national music school in Edinburgh, Scotland

Posted on: September 10, 2021

“A £55 million national music centre plan has been put forward for the old Royal High School in Edinburgh after a luxury hotel proposal was rejected,” writes Brian Donnelly in last Friday’s (9/3) Herald (Glasgow, Scotland). “The Royal High School Preservation Trust has put forward detailed plans to City of Edinburgh Council for the restoration of the iconic Thomas Hamilton building on Calton Hill as a ‘world-class centre for music education and public performance for the benefit of the whole of Scotland.’ … The trust’s proposals include a new National Centre for Music with ‘clearly defined spaces for classical music education, community access and engagement and performance.’ St. Mary’s Music School remains at the heart of the proposal…. The updated proposal brings together a network of partner organizations … including the Benedetti Foundation and IMPACT (International Music and Performing Arts Charitable Trust) Scotland with a shared vision of creating a new platform for musical collaborations, both within the building, online and out in the wider community…. The trust’s new proposals have also been tested for economic sustainability by BOP Consulting [which] predicts the project will contribute nearly £100 million to the Edinburgh economy over 30 years.”