Felkel departs Young Concert Artists after 32 years

Posted on: September 15, 2021

“Monica Felkel, director of artist management at Young Concert Artists (YCA), Inc., will exit the company as of September 22 after 32 years with the firm,” writes Susan Elliott in Tuesday’s (9/14) Musical America (subscription required). “She was told last week by YCA President Daniel Kellogg to leave; the company, he said, was undergoing a ‘leadership change.’ Kellogg succeeded YCA Founder Susan Wadsworth in July 2019. He comes from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, with a background as an associate professor of composition; he is a onetime YCA artist. Felkel’s departure from the 60-year-old YCA follows that of artist manager Vicki Margulies in June, after 20 years, citing a ‘need for a change.’ That leaves one artist manager, Christina Baker, hired last spring, handling a roster of 24 young artists. Kellogg came to the job with no experience as an artist manager…. Aside from Felkel and Margulies, Executive Director Mark Hayman left in June 2020 after 33 years, and Ron Hong Ma, YCA’s Far East representative and financial associate, left in February 2020, after 27 years. Asked to confirm Felkel’s exit and explain what the plan going forward might be, Kellogg said he was unable to comment on an ‘internal matter.’ ”