Boston Modern Orchestra Project, championing composer David Sanford

Posted on: October 19, 2021

“It’s not a big mystery why David Sanford’s energetic, well-crafted music has stayed mostly under the radar for the last three decades. ‘He’s not a self-promoter,’ said [Boston Modern Orchestra Project] conductor Gil Rose, who brought out the first album devoted to Sanford’s orchestral music two years ago,” writes Seth Colter Walls in Friday’s (10/15) New York Times. “Sanford, 58, cheerfully concedes the point…. Sanford’s work often has door-blasting power. Yet whether he’s writing for a chamber ensemble, a big band or an orchestra, his wildness never tips into indiscipline…. Of his [2019 BMOP] recording of Sanford’s ‘Black Noise’ … Rose … said: ‘It’s not the longest CD we ever produced. But impact per minute, it’s maybe one of the strongest ones that we’ve done.’ … Rose added that he would love more big orchestral pieces from Sanford, who has plans for a piano concerto, among other potential projects. But Sanford added that, as a father of two and a professor with a full teaching load, ‘I definitely can’t write any more music than I’m writing.’ … Rose is willing to wait on Sanford…. ‘He’s thought through everything at the highest detailed level, but it sounds spontaneous. That’s rare.’ ”