New Bedford Symphony partners with visual artist for Beethoven concert

Posted on: October 26, 2021

“The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra will add ‘Pixar magic’ to its Nov. 6 concert: A New Bedford story artist who works for the animation giant has drawn Ludwig van Beethoven visiting the Whaling City,” writes Seth Chitwood in Friday’s (10/22) Standard-Times (New Bedford, MA). “The collaboration between NBSO and Pixar’s Olivia Coucci will feature artwork of Beethoven perusing the city on the day of his concert…. The idea was born in 2019, after Coucci sketched NBSO musicians during a concert featuring pianist Joyce Yang.… Coucci posted her drawings on Instagram. ‘A lot of them actually recognized themselves,’ she said. Soon after, Maestro Yaniv Dinur reached out to her to collaborate…. NBSO’s November concert … will feature Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 and Symphony No. 7 as well as Derrick Skye’s ‘Prisms, Cycles, Leaps.’ … Coucci’s art will be displayed before show and then moved to the gallery space adjacent to the Zeiterion [Performing Arts Center]…. Coucci said she has created eight 11-by-17 portraits and landscapes of Beethoven in familiar spots such as a local coffee shop or enjoying ice-cream at the Acushnet Creamery…. ‘I personally love classical music,’ Coucci added. ‘So, it’s really nice … to make it really fun and accessible for people.’ ”