With campus construction done, an evolving Interlochen focuses on artist-building

Posted on: October 26, 2021

“Interlochen Center for the Arts recently celebrated a milestone that is rare or unknown to many educational and arts institutions,” writes Philip Kennicott in Saturday’s (10/23) Washington Post. “After 30 years of fundraising and construction, it officially finished a master plan for growth initiated in 1991…. Interlochen has declared itself done with construction and is moving on to other things…. ‘It’s a major inflection point,’ said President Trey Devey. ‘We have been focused in an outsize way on place, and now we can turn our focus to our people and programs.’… Interlochen was founded in 1928 as a summer music camp and expanded in 1961 to become an elite, audition-only arts boarding school…. This co-exists with the center’s other identity, as a summer [arts] camp … [that] welcomes some 2,750 kids annually … [to] a collection of functional, appealing but never ostentatious buildings. That is, arguably, what academic institutions, especially those devoted to the arts, should aspire to: a camp, or a campus, that puts the focus on the ‘inside’ things, relationships, activity and learning. Like the arts themselves, the design here is more organic than orderly, and no doubt will continue to evolve.”