Elgin Symphony’s new CEO emphasizes local connections, focuses on Elgin community

Posted on: December 13, 2021

“New Elgin Symphony Orchestra CEO Marc Thayer wants you to know that yes, you can wear jeans to the symphony. Or go formal…. He just wants to see you there,” writes Rick West in Friday’s (12/10) Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL). “Thayer took over as CEO in July…. ‘We’re very much about Elgin,’ he said…. That desire to show his connection to the community prompted Thayer to speak unexpectedly at a recent city council meeting…. ‘I’m glad that the orchestra started doing a mariachi concert once a year for the past two years,’ he said. ‘That’s a nice start. But if your community is more than 50% Hispanic, that’s not enough.’… So the ESO started doing its communications in both Spanish and English…. The ESO is developing a community advisory committee to better engage with the community. ‘We’re going to do concerts in churches and community centers,’ Thayer said. He also wants to add more school programming. Lower prices … are also in the works…. He wants more emphasis put on the ‘E’ in ESO…. ‘We don’t want to be the West suburban orchestra,’ he said. ‘We are the Elgin Symphony Orchestra.’ ”