League’s Simon Woods on lifting orchestras through the pandemic

Posted on: December 17, 2021

“Simon Woods became president of the League of American Orchestras in September 2020—at the height of the pandemic—after a distinguished career heading the Seattle Symphony, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and other major ensembles,” writes Susan Elliott on Friday’s (12/17) Musical America in the introduction to her “One to One: How leaders are managing the crisis” video interview with Woods. “He talks to One to One about the needs of the League’s 700 member orchestras when he first arrived and what they need now—respectively, inter-colleague communication and research/data to help predict a future still struggling with Covid-19 and its variants…. He also reports not a single League member went under during the pandemic, thanks largely to federal aid, much of which was gained through the lobbying efforts of the League and other arts groups.”