Pandemic rise prompts postponements, cancellations, shifts to virtual in new year

Posted on: January 5, 2022

“Across the U.S., performances, industry conferences, and numerous other indoor events are being disrupted by Covid,” writes Susan Elliott in Tuesday’s (1/4) Musical America (subscription required). “In western Europe, it’s pretty much the same…. As of Monday night, major U.S. orchestras from New York to Boston to Chicago, LA, Minnesota, Dallas, and Cleveland were still selling tickets to this week’s concerts, none of them scheduled before Thursday. The Met Opera is still chugging along…. In the live contemporary music realm, perhaps the biggest loss is the cancellation of the annual Prototype Festival, January 7-16…. Organizers of Beth Morrison’s landmark contribution to new and experimental opera were anticipating live performances this year…. But Monday they announced that all but one of this year’s operas were being postponed to 2023. Partners … cited safety and health concerns, as well as visa and supply-chain issues…. Festival directors [stated] … that all personnel contracts, from artistic to technical, would be honored. Other industry losses in January include the move to online of New York’s annual APAP conference … and the 25th annual Sphinx Competition and Conference in Detroit, which will also be virtual.”