A partnership in life and music at South Florida Symphony Orchestra

Posted on: January 7, 2022

“Being a leader poses many challenges, but working alongside your significant other in a professional setting is the most unique of them,” writes Denny Patterson in Sunday’s (1/2) OutClique (Wilton Manors, FL). “Yet, despite, or even because of the challenges, the bond between South Florida Symphony Orchestra’s (SFSO) driving forces, Maestra Sebrina Alfonso and CEO and President Jacqueline Lorber, have become even stronger. Guided by the belief that music is pivotal to community engagement, the SFSO has become a superlative cultural institution serving all of South Florida. Alfonso founded the organization in 1997” after leading the Key West Symphony. “Lorber came into the picture in 2009 when she interviewed for the CEO position [at SFSO]. Regarding their budding romance, Alfonso says there was definitely a mutual attraction, but it was several months before they acknowledged their feelings…. ‘We were destined to be together, and we bonded through our dedication to the organization,’ Lorber adds…. Because Alfonso and Lorber both share a strong passion for music and community engagement, the SFSO has reached major milestones and record growth. Once considered ‘the little symphony that could,’ it is now recognized as a major cultural institution in Broward County.”