ProMusica Arizona Chorale and Orchestra to perform “Misa Azteca”

Posted on: January 11, 2022

In April, ProMusica Arizona Chorale and Orchestra will present Joseph Julian Gonzalez’s Misa Azteca, a concert piece for orchestra, choir, soloists, and pre-Columbian percussion ensemble. Other performers in the eight-movement oratorio will include the Carolyn Eynon Singers, soprano Chrissa Glazner, and tenor Aaron Smith. Misa Azteca will be sung in Latin, Spanish, and Nahuatl, and is based on the Roman Catholic High Mass and verses from the Cantares Mexicanos, a collection of pre- and post-conquest Nahuati songs of the Mexica (the Aztecs). Misa Azteca has been performed previously at Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and the Vatican. ProMusica Arizona Chorale and Orchestra will perform Misa Azteca on April 2 at Barry Goldwater High School Performing Arts Center in Phoenix and April 3 in American Lutheran Church in Sun City, Arizona.