Canada’s Glenn Gould Foundation adds mental-health initiative for teens

Posted on: January 27, 2022

“This week, the Toronto-based Glenn Gould Foundation launched Instrumental, a web-based project aimed primarily at teens,” writes Brad Wheeler in Monday’s (1/24) Globe and Mail (Canada). “It’s designed to promote the mental-health benefits of engaging with music…. Developed with the input of educators, mental-health professionals and music therapists, the interactive site articulates the importance of music and the arts as a supplement to other forms of care for young people…. Brian Levine, executive director of the Glenn Gould Foundation, [says], ‘There were always a lot of stresses on teens, and now the pandemic has added a sense of urgency.’ … James Rhodes’s … book Instrumental: A Memoir of Madness, Medication and Music documents the trauma and the role music played in his recovery. The foundation named its new mental-health initiative after the pianist’s book…. In Canada, according to the Toronto-based non-profit research institute ICES, one in five children and youth experiences a mental illness at any given time…. The website presents information on everything from vibroacoustic therapy … to articles on the teenage brain. ‘Music changes things on a neurological level, and that process can be harnessed,’ says Levine. ‘This is not subjective fluff. It is real medicine.’ ”