Survey of Canadian orchestras: 94 percent have at least one digital initiative

Posted on: January 31, 2022

“Almost all Canadian Orchestras have tried at least one, if not more digital initiatives, according to a new study conducted by Orchestras Canada/Orchestres Canada,” reads an unsigned article in last Monday’s (1/24) La Scena Musicale (CA). “Orchestras Canada has engaged member orchestras in three digital surveys since the fall of 2018…. The 2020 digital survey focused on … pandemic-era digital innovations…. Fifty-seven orchestras participated…. Orchestras Canada undertook a third iteration … in August-September 2021. This year, 65 orchestras of all sizes across Canada responded…. Almost all (94%) respondents reported having tried one or more new digital initiatives, a jump from 84% in 2020…. Digital doesn’t cover costs, and research is showing that audiences are not returning to halls quickly enough, even as capacity restrictions are lifted…. Orchestras remain focused on audience connection and creating opportunities for musicians through digital…. A majority (69%) of orchestras are planning a hybrid (digital and in-person) season for 2021-22…. In 2020, respondents highlighted the need for technical skills training. In 2021, respondents still cited the need for technical training, but even more underlined the need for high-level strategic guidance … and ways of better integrating digital development with organizational mission.”