New report from Wallace Foundation: Black perspectives on the arts

Posted on: February 1, 2022

The Wallace Foundation has issued “A Place to be Heard, a Space to Feel Held: Black Perspectives on Creativity, Trustworthiness, Welcome and Well-Being,” a study that seeks to better understand cultural and creative preferences among Black communities. The report reveals some of the experiences and perspectives that Black and African American adults in this country have in relation to cultural engagement, digital connection with arts and culture, and social change. Among the findings, respondents report that they most value arts experiences and organizations that celebrate Black creativity;​ support self-care, a practice that respondents say is especially important in Black communities; make a sustained commitment to earn Black communities’ trust; and foster a sense of belonging. Researchers conducted open-ended, 90-minute interviews with 50 Black Americans from across the U.S. The report’s authors state that while the views of 50 people cannot represent the full spectrum of attitudes among Black Americans, the interviews suggest themes that could help arts organizations build more meaningful relationships with Black communities. The qualitative study was prepared by Slover Linett Audience Research in association with LaPlaca Cohen and Yancey Consulting and is part of the “Culture and Community in a Time of Transformation” series. Learn more here.