Ireland’s Spike Cello Festival: “three days of concerts, workshops, cello trails, cello yoga”

Posted on: February 10, 2022

“This year’s Spike Cello Festival … in Dublin is both a celebration and an exploration of non-classical cello, with world-class practitioners performing across multiple genres,” writes Siobhan Long in Tuesday’s (2/8) Irish Times. “Ayanna Witter-Johnson is an English cellist who has navigated the challenges of the pandemic with marked success. She’s also a composer, singer and songwriter who runs her own [record] label … and her dance moves (with cello) are a joy to see. She’s … been juggling guest appearances with English world/jazz band, Nubiyan Twist with her solo work…. Witter-Johnson is embracing the return to live performance with a vengeance now… Adrian Mantu, Romanian cellist and founder of the ConTempo Quartet, will bring his characteristically energized performances to Spike this year, with children’s workshops and a concert, showcasing the many facets of the cello…. Based in Galway, where the ConTempo Quartet has been artist in residence since 2003, he is also a member of RTÉ’s National Quartet…. Mantu is planning a children’s workshop titled ElecTríCeilí, showcasing the baroque, modern and electric cello.” Witter-Johnson and Mantu are among the cellists participating in the Feb. 11-13 festival, billed as “Dublin alternative cello festival: three days of concerts, workshops, cello trails, cello yoga.”