Review: Orlando Philharmonic’s six-concert, Beethoven-themed festival, with artist in residence Stewart Goodyear

Posted on: February 10, 2022

“In six concerts over three nights between Feb. 3 and 7, the [Orlando] Philharmonic’s [Beethoven-themed] Resonate Festival brilliantly showed how music can make a community,” writes Matthew J. Palm in Wednesday’s (2/9) Orlando Sentinel (FL). “ ‘This is the living room of the OPO, and you are our family,’ Philharmonic music director Eric Jacobsen told the concertgoers in the intimate Mary Palmer Room of The Plaza Live on Monday night. And that was the vibe of each evening … good music, good company and for some, good spirits. (Cheers to the Philharmonic for the Beethoven-inspired cocktails, the Moonlight Martini and the Furry Elise.) The headliner was pianist Stewart Goodyear, the orchestra’s first-ever artist-in-residence, who played all five of Beethoven’s piano concertos…. His technical virtuosity was on full display.… This truly was all about connection…. There was a special thrill in seeing the musicians up close and working together in a chamber setting. Watching Goodyear glance at concertmaster Rimma Bergeron-Langlois for timing cues in their opening-night duet, you heard the precision in their music…. At the festival’s close, Jacobsen said Resonate would be back next year to a cheer from the crowd.”