Muncie Symphony + Marion Philharmonic = Orchestra Indiana

Posted on: March 3, 2022

“The Muncie Symphony Orchestra has made some changes in recent years, such as shifts in its programming and its headquarters. This week, the longtime local orchestra announced another significant change: a merger,” writes Robin Gibson in Tuesday’s (3/1) Muncie Star Press (IN). “The merging of the Muncie Symphony Orchestra and the Marion Philharmonic into one organization known as Orchestra Indiana, announced at an event Tuesday morning, was in response to such issues as falling ticket sales [and] the effects of the pandemic on the performing arts…. The … 2022-23 season [will comprise] five concerts performed at both Muncie and Marion venues, in addition to other programs in either or both communities, and will share administration and a combined board of directors…. Scott Watkins [is] executive director of MSO—and now of Orchestra Indiana.… MSO [and] the Marion Philharmonic … already shared 50% or more of their musicians…. The newly merged orchestra’s 2022-23 season [was] unveiled by Matthew Kraemer, artistic advisor for MSO…. Watkins … noted that playing two performances for each large concert, one in each city, would be a significant increase in the number of performances for which the Marion orchestra had employed musicians in recent years.”