Indianapolis Symphony to pair Mahler with Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac

Posted on: March 11, 2022

“When musician and conductor Steve Hackman heard Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony live at Carnegie Hall years ago, he dreamed of conducting that piece before an audience one day,” writes Breanna Cooper in Thursday’s (3/10) Indianapolis Recorder. “On March 16, that dream will come true, but with a twist. With the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Hackman will present ‘Resurrection Mixtape,’ where Mahler’s works combine with that of rap legends The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac…. Hackman, who is the creative director of ISO’s ‘Uncharted Series,’ began working on the concert in 2019, but performances in 2020 were cancelled because of the pandemic. In the years that followed, Hackman tacked on about 45 minutes to the piece, which includes orchestral versions of ‘California Love’ and ‘Hypnotize.’… ‘I have a running list in my mind of classical works and popular artists that I think the audiences should know…’ Hackman said…. Hackman is quick to point out the many musical parallels between contemporary and classical pieces…. ‘We’ve talked a lot about the importance of Tupac and Biggie and their enduring legacies and impact,’ Hackman said. ‘As for Mahler, his Second Symphony is one of the most extraordinary things you’ll ever hear.’ ”