Wheeling Symphony heads back to schools for young people’s concerts

Posted on: April 6, 2022

“Have you heard the work of the famous late composer Dvořák, or maybe newer sounds by Enrico Lopez-Yañez? Well, if you have not, third graders might now have you beat,” states Stephanie Grindley in Monday’s (4/4) WTRF-TV (Wheeling, WV). “Monday, third through fifth graders were introduced to all the classics the Wheeling Symphony had to offer. The first free concert was held at Wheeling Park High School…. The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra will meet about 4,000 students this week. ‘Dr. Freakeuncy’s Sound Lab’ adds the youthful side of this Young People’s Concert. It teaches how music is made. It might be mature music but [Wheeling Symphony] Executive Director Bryan Braunlich says he taught himself piano in middle school, and so for many of the kids in the audience, this might be their first taste for their future careers. Says Braunlich: ‘It’s the time to instill the love for music. Whether it’s classical music or pop music or any genre in between. They love this. This is probably one of [the musicians’] favorite weeks of the year, because they get to go out and see a bunch of kids. They’re enjoying what they are doing.’ ”