Orchestra of Indian Hill has a new name: Vista Philharmonic Orchestra

Posted on: June 24, 2022

The Orchestra of Indian Hill has changed its name to Vista Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra is the flagship professional ensemble at the Groton Hill Music Center in Groton, Massachusetts. The orchestra will open its fall season this October with chamber concerts in the 300-seat Meadow Hall, part of the newly constructed 126,000-square-foot Groton Hill Music Center designed by Epstein Joslin Architects, with acoustics by Threshold Acoustics. On January 21, 2023, the orchestra will perform its first full-orchestra concert in the center’s 1,000-seat Concert Hall at Groton, a program featuring music by Richard Strauss, Respighi, Mozart, Gabrieli, and Tan Dun. Bruce Hangen, the orchestra’s artistic director, explained the rationale behind the new name: “The word ‘vista’ means many things, from view and outlook to panorama and perspective. Wonderful vistas abound in our new home, which also opens the door to new experiences in music and different perspectives on what live music experiences can be. The name Vista Philharmonic Orchestra says that while we are firmly planted in tradition, our eyes are always on the horizon.”