35 orchestra and arts professionals to attend League’s Essentials of Orchestra Management program

Posted on: July 13, 2022

Thirty-five orchestra and arts professionals from the United States and Canada have been selected to participate in Essentials of Orchestra Management, the League of American Orchestras’ flagship leadership-development program. The ten-day seminar, running July 24-August 2, 2022, is presented in collaboration with Juilliard Extension and will take place in New York City at Juilliard’s Lincoln Center Campus. America’s premier program for early- and mid-career orchestra and arts professionals, Essentials of Orchestra Management offers a pathway to future leadership and career success; over 500 individuals have participated in the program since its inception in 2000. Essentials educates, connects, and inspires tomorrow’s leaders, providing them the knowledge they need to enhance their careers and the orchestra field as a whole. This year’s Essentials participants come from orchestras, ensembles, and performing arts organizations of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada. Topics include artistic planning and artistic leadership models; development and strategic planning; equity, diversity, and inclusion; education, community engagement, and community programs; human resources and organizational culture; leadership and governance; marketing and communications; and negotiations. The seminar also includes a concert and tour of Carnegie Hall, and peer discussion and mentoring opportunities. Visit https://americanorchestras.org/event/2022-essentials-of-orchestra-management/ for the complete list of Essentials participants and faculty.