Administrative shifts at San Francisco Symphony

Posted on: July 13, 2022

“Oliver Theil has left the San Francisco Symphony [and] Robin Freeman will serve as the interim chief marketing and communications officer,” writes Janos Gereben in last Thursday’s (7/7) San Francisco Classical Voice. “That news was confirmed today by SF Symphony Director of Public Relations Taryn Lott in an email: ‘Changes were made last week to the structure of the Symphony’s administrative team. The marketing and communications departments were merged to better support the organization’s work in audience development and concert promotion. The in-house video department was dissolved in a strategic move towards working with independent contractors with specialized skill sets, catered to the bespoke needs of future digital projects. The changes were part of a strategic internal restructure and will not impact … any of the organization’s public-facing programs.’ … Beginning in 1991, [Theil] had important positions with the orchestra, including a role on the team for the acclaimed series Keeping Score, in addition to other work. Then, two years ago, he was shifted full-time from media and public relations to digital innovation…. The SF Symphony continued to serve as a model for orchestras through its in-house production and media company SFS Media, its robust use of technology, its self-produced content, and award-winning television programs and recordings.”